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‘I think it’s important to have a network of people around you both professionally and personally that can support you through your own emotions and your own state of mind. It’s always, in every industry and every career, so easy to get caught up in so much of the detail of what’s happening that quite often we do forget to take that time to focus on ourselves and our own wellbeing and mindset. So I think it is important to have a very positive sphere of influence around you. Having professionals, whether that be coaches or company CEO’s that you are able to talk to and talk through your experiences. I think that communication isn’t just with your clients it’s with your friends and family as well on how you’re feeling and where you’re at in your own headspace.’ ~ Grant Smith

Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast Grant Smith is one of Australia’s top real estate professionals, in the top 0.1% of agents internationally. Starting his career in the industry at just 14 years of age, Grant has developed a 23 year real estate career, now a broker and director of Century 21. Grant purchased the business the day before his 21st birthday and has been recognised for his achievements nationally and internationally. There is a perseverance and mindset that allows to soar through a challenging and fast paced industry of real estate.

Grant shares his professional and personal self-care tips on living a busy life and running a successful real estate business. Recently married in beautiful Italy, Grant’s passion for life and zest for love is second to none. In this interview he explains the tips and tricks of the trade and his thoughts on the property market as we ride the highs and lows of interest rates and a possible recession.

His definition of Self Love is living a life fulfilled of happiness minimising negativity. It is waking up every day being the most positive person you can be. Sphere of influence has always been such an integral and important part of my life. Surround yourself with people who tell you, you can.

His favourite quote is from:

‘There is plenty of traffic on the highway but there is never much on the extra mile so just push yourself that little bit further and the road opens up.’

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There is a real drive for success.
It is an industry that has a persona everybody is living up this amazing lifestyle
I sacrificed a lot in my early twenties to create this foundation of my business
In any career it is what you put in that reaps the rewards of your success
It is a chameleon role depending on who you are talking to
It is very much a relationship driven industry
It’s important to have a positive network of people around you
Property is an exciting industry for most people
Pre covid to where we are now it was average days on market 60-80 days during covid peak it was as low as 10 and now we are at 30 days.
The market is sitting stronger now than pre covid
Getting onto the property ladder at an entry level price point is better than not being on the ladder at all
Sometimes your heart can overtake your mind
Home is where the heart is but the heart does have an opinion
It is important to stay true to yourself
The pros and cons of social media, it is important to show some of the reality!


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