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‘What I love doing, and what I have been doing for the last twenty years is I am naturally drawn to working with businesses that tend to be solo entrepreneurs and they have a big vision, and I love vision. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a visionary, but I am definitely someone who loves to be of service to a visionary and make their vision come to fruition. So, I build it out, so I love to get inside their minds and ask lots of questions about where they want to see their vision head to.’ ~ Kara Wright

Calling herself an entrepreneurial employee, Kara Wright is a seasoned Operations Manager. She is dedicated to optimising business processes and driving organisational excellence. Her expertise lies in developing effective strategies, fostering seamless communication among various stakeholders, and managing product production and distribution. Additionally, she excels in overseeing organisational changes, staff recruitment, training, and nurturing a positive work environment.

Collaborating with other businesses and sub-contractors to create mutually beneficial relationships, she emphasises quality assurance protocols to minimise product defects and errors. Her commitment to solid team morale, meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations, and providing exceptional customer service has led to significant growth and efficiency improvements in the organisations she has had the privilege to work with.

Apart from her operations experience, she project manages crowdfunding campaigns using the Kickstarter platform, while also cultivating a thriving online community within our 17,000-member Facebook Group. Combining her passion for operational excellence and community engagement, she strives to create a lasting impact and drive success in every venture she undertakes.

Kara is actually a jack of all trades. By happenstance, she’s built a career working with some serious visionary entrepreneurs. It’s been one wild ride! Along the way, she’s found herself in countless situations where her role as a key management support was absolutely crucial. Whether she was in the position of an Events Manager, Operations Manager, or any other critical role, it was essential that she not only had the skills, or at least be prepared to acquire them, but also gel with the owner, any existing team, and the overall vision of the business. The success of these companies has relied heavily on her ability to not just handle her responsibilities, but to take ownership while perfectly aligning with the company’s goals.

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Her definition of Self Love is being in constant pursuit of really honouring who you are. It is about loving all of you and being unapologetically you. It is the little things, a coffee on Sunday mornings, singing in the car and hiking in nature. It is about being ok with yourself and saying no when you want to.

A favourite quote is from Jane Fonda – ‘No is a full sentence.’ But her favourite is:

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

Podcast Kara recommends is: Wiser Than Me.

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I am an entrepreneurial employee!
You can lean into humour or take a more professional approach
Hospitality has made me a better person
It is important to pay attention to someone’s body language
I love being of service to a visionary
We have to build connection and trust
It is all about customer service
A business is only as good as its systems
A kick starter is essentially crowd funding
Creators build a campaign and tell the story of the product
Backers help creators bring their vision to life
I love it when two businesses come together and have a baby!
It is about joining the dots and supporting the vision
There is beauty in bringing people together and then walking away
Mark Henry is the founder as a mechanical engineer
What drives him is his need to eradicate disposable items
Solidteknics is about cooking pans that provide extraordinary results that stand the test of time
It’s one thing to have a vision but then how do you back it up?
Work is not just about earning money but having meaningful work
It is about being of service and working in environments where I could develop my skill
Serve the world one person at a time, one day at a time.
Be the change you wish you see in the world.


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