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‘The more that I leant into who I was, became who I was, the more people I felt courageously opened up to be that themselves as well. It doesn’t have to be pink hair – I mean I’m just crazy enough to do that, that’s probably my Danish Viking warrior blood, we’re pretty wild – but really belief in yourself takes time. Having good people around you that pick you up and build you up. I definitely am the first person to say I can be really horrible to myself, and I guess when you say those things aloud and other people tell you that it’s not a nice way to speak to yourself. So, having good people in your corner. But be that good person to other people for that reason. Compliment people every single time you see something beautiful about someone.’ ~ Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett is a passionate and proud woman who grew up truly valuing the power of community. Inspired by her beautiful mother, Amy is committed to give as much as she can to her community and help make the Sunshine Coast one of the most desirable and sought after places to live.

Amy understands what having a place to call ‘home’ means. And it is this love of helping people make their dreams come true that she is now assisting her clients, and the Sunshine Coast community, with all of their real estate needs.

A vital part of the team for over 6 years, Amy has held various positions including as our Operations & Marketing Manager playing an instrumental role in establishing the Community Giveback program which has contributed to over 200+ local charities.

Professional, hardworking, and caring, she prides herself on telling the story of her client’s properties and the benefits of a Sunshine Coast lifestyle through curated campaigns that include advancements in technology that provide a seamless sales process for buyers.

Clients describe Amy as “committed”, “vivacious”, “energetic”, “astute”, “well researched”, “high attention to detail”, “passionate”, “a marketing genius”, “professional” and “exceedingly helpful with a lovely cheerful nature”. Specialising in the beautiful Kawana Island area, Amy believes in keeping the ‘real’ in real estate, providing six-star service, and ensuring her clients are supported throughout their property journey.

Her definition of Self Love is powerful. I just want everybody to love themselves. We’ve only got one chance. Everything we have other people would envy. Self-love is being fair to yourself, give yourself a break. Self-love is looking in the mirror and you are ok. We’ve got this. Be proud.

Her favourite quote is from her mentor Karen Hannah.
‘Get curious not furious.’

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My mum is an absolute superstar learned from her the importance of giving back
We were not allowed to be bored.
Hard work I learned as a necessity.
I am selling that sunshine and magic
It doesn’t happen unless you do it yourself
You have to be courageous to give to others
People are dealing with their own concerns and insecurities
Belief in yourself takes time
Don’t think about it, fear holds you back
If you think something say it
Say nice things and do good things
All will be well
We don’t always need to know everyone’s business
Switching off and having that break is good
Apply your own lense with good people around you
Before, during, after or under, over, off
Dreams do come true, heart and souls can work together
There is no such thing as a coincidence
If I don’t have it in the tank I can’t give it
We cannot be everything to every body
And it’s ok to not be 100% at every thing
Self-care is stopping and letting my brain slow down
I hope every single person has that someone who will be there for them
We often do what we wish we had
Get curious not furious

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