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‘I think fundamentally we have to break up with all these old programming like punch through, work hard, push, do your best, turn up exhausted and then it shows that you have got this badge of honour. The tall-poppy syndrome – yes it did exist – but we’re buying into it even more now, and I think confidence is unstoppable but that needs to come from within and we need to almost re-write the script. So, we’ve become indulgent I think, of using that as an excuse. Until you can find your own mojo which is ‘I have to do this because it feels right’ and you have a birthright to be your very best self.’ ~ Nikki Fogden-Moore

A Global Quantum Coach, it is Nikki Fogden-Moore’s mission to help create a world that is led by extraordinary humans achieving personal and professional success. She wants to ensure that high achieving leaders – both established and emerging – have the tools to harness their ‘mojo’ and thrive with vitality, confidence, courage and conviction. She has created her signature “Mojo Maker©” framework to provide people with the essential roadmap that puts them in the driver’s seat of their life, allowing a whole new dimension for truly centred and aligned decision making.

You can join Nikki to find out how you can be the CEO of your life as well as your business and to master the art of the work/life blend effortlessly. Because no entrepreneurial life or any kind of life should be filled with anxiety, overwhelm and depression. She believes you do not need to accept that as a flip side of success.

Nikki Fogden-Moore makes the world a more connected and empowered place. Affectionately known as the Mojo Maker©, Nikki specialises in Quantum Coaching for the world’s best leaders. She works with high performing men and women, together with established and emerging entrepreneurs, to guide them in their transformation from overwhelm to sustainable success.

As a high-performance expert, Nikki’s 25 years of experience working in both corporate and wellness arenas, allow her to elevate her intuitive and passionate life ethos to thrive in challenging, high-pressure environments. Nikki’s proven set of highly accurate intuitive skills make her a remarkable coach and asset to clients in and out of the boardroom.

Put simply, Nikki changes lives and is the mastermind behind dozens of thriving businesses. As the former Head Trainer for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, and with decades of experience in advertising and global brands, Nikki is seen as a creative visionary to Fortune 500 companies and C level executives. By applying deep expertise and meeting people where they are, she empowers her clients to embrace their passion, do the work, show up for themselves and own their success.

The author of three books, Nikki’s latest book, Radical Self Belief #Adulting The Rally Of Life is the essential road map for modern leaders that reignites confidence, connection and contribution. It’s a step-by-step road map to stop overwhelm and get back in the driver’s seat, fast. Suit up, step up and embrace the ever changing personal and commercial landscape.

Her definition of Self Love is: Not needing everyone else’s validation but to just come into every day with a softness and a curiosity and that everything is going to unfold the way it is supposed to with radical self-confidence I can handle anything all without judgement. It is about not being triggered by anything. Someone else’s reactions are not my responsibility! How I respond is my choice. It takes conscious practice.

Her favourite quote is:
‘Life has no remote, you have got to get up and change it for yourself.’

And if you can’t you have to ask for help so choose wisely. Celebrate what you have right now. There is no perfect.  We’re all human, we all have challenges and we all feel the same. Life is a rally. There are no barriers apart from the ones we place on ourselves. At the end of the day we all have 1440 minutes in a day. It’s how you use them that counts.

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I have lived life all in
I’m a navigator, coach, motivator and doer
I am into work-life blend
Make sure the world’s wealth is handled by the best value-led leaders
I don’t want good people to be lost to burn out
Good people deserve to do well.
The more you make the more you can give back
Money has energy
Confidence is unstoppable but it needs to come from within
We just have to lead by example
There is abundance and enough for every body
Surround yourself with a couple of tools and people who help you stay strong in your conviction
Life is not a dress rehearsal
Self-leadership is not just about how much money you make
Capitalism is a cop out for conscious decision making
We need to change our attitude around money and success
Media has become a scapegoat for taking responsibility for ourselves
At what cost as we chasing a title?
The conditions are always perfect
Your ego is not your amigo
Being a coach is not about telling people what to do, we just light the runway
We are addicted to difficult, gossip and oh my god!
Sport gives me a sense of play, life is a gym
We need everyone to realise their super power
I am a reverse-seller!
My books have been written to get shit done and to live your best self!
I’m proudly a lot and proudly energetic!
Your spirit defines your reality

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