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SHY 62: Lauren Verona – On yoga, self-care, and healing from burnout

Episode 62
07, Mar, 2018
}54 Minutes

Show Notes

Meet Lauren Verona – an amazing yoga teacher, business woman, loving mum… and very wise woman indeed. She learned her life lessons at a young age – after burning out in a PR job at age 25, she turned to yoga to help deal with the stress and anxiety of her fast-paced “work hard, party hard” lifestyle. She now lives on the Sunshine Coast and owns several yoga studios, including one that’s 100% online!

In this episode we chat about:
• How to stop turning the “bitch volume” up in your life
• The importance of breathing properly
• How to incorporate yoga into everyday life (hint: it’s not all about the poses!)
• The challenging art of surrender and letting go (and are we actually doing it?)
• How to live a more grounded life
• Why accountability and connection is key in any busy woman’s yoga practice

We also chat about self care, and why Lauren took the word “busy” out of her vocab.

“When you fill yourself up, you can go out and serve others.”

Want to connect with Lauren?

Check out her website at

Her Sunshine Coast studios are at

And her online classes are at

She also has a retreat coming up in Bali and is offering listeners a $300 discount (be quick – limited spots available!)

Also, get started with a couple of bonus yoga classes here and here.

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