Go Vita Podcast

The Go Vita podcast is the dedicated show of Australia’s largest health food co-op.

A season of Go Vita podcasts are released in conjunction with the Go Mag – Go Vita’s quarterly magazine full of insights on how to live your healthiest life.

At Go Vita, we are committed to making a difference in our local communities with ethical, quality products and honest health advice.

What began as a small group of passionate retailers in the early eighties has now grown and developed into a successful distribution and retail business. A centralised distribution centre in Sydney services 150+ Go Vita Retail health shops across Australia. All independently owned and operated, Go Vita health shops bring together the unique talents, skills and passion of the individual owners and their staff to ensure a personal approach to our customers’ health, wellness and vitality needs.

Each Go Vita store has its own unique style, and plays a vital role in their local community, providing honest health and wellness advice and an extensive range of natural health products. When you walk into your local Go Vita store you are dealing with the owners. That’s why you receive the personal touch and are treated like part of the family. In every store Go Vita health specialists treat each person as an individual and work with you to find the best whole health solution for your lifelong wellness. Wherever you are on the path of good health from novice to enthusiast you will be treated with care, respect and honesty.

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Recent Episodes

Go Vita Podcast
Episode 26
02, Nov, 2021
}32 Minutes

Go Vita Podcast
Episode 24
04, Nov, 2020
}37 Minutes

Go Vita Podcast
Episode 23
08, Jul, 2020
}50 Minutes

Go Vita Podcast
Episode 22
07, Apr, 2020
}23 Minutes

Go Vita Podcast
Episode 21
07, Apr, 2020
}29 Minutes