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PAP 94: Use Your Dreams as a Powerful Tool for Transformation with Eric Tyrone

Episode 94
16, Oct, 2020
}53 Minutes

Show Notes

Eric Tyrone is a dream-time and mindfulness coach, and the creator of the “Get Woke In Your Dream-Time” Masterclass. In the past, Eric ran a non-profit called “Awakening Through Art”, founded a mindfulness App, and was a co-facilitator of a nationwide eco-business meetup group. Eric has a combined 30 years of studies in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine and shamanism, and now teaches students around the world to use their dreams as a healing modality and transformational tool.

In this episode we find out how to utilise dreams as a powerful tool for transformation and we cover:
-The power of dreams
-Dreams in ancient cultures
-Influence of dreams on inventions breakthroughs and pop culture
-Types of dreams (lucid dreams, prophetic dreams, subconscious mind dreams, etc.)
-Tips to remember dreams
-Tips to self-empowered dream interpretation

Once you have got a handle on that, buckle up for a deep dive into:

-Visitation dreams (visits from loved ones in our dreams)
-Connecting with spirit guides in our dreams (angelic realm, E.T’s and any an all guides)
-Astral travel in our dreams

Eric’s next 4 week live masterclass called “Get Woke In Your Dream-Time” starts October 16th and he runs them regularly.
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