Show Notes

Carlie Maree is a gluten-free Mum and best selling author of the book Soul Modes. Soul Modes is a declaration of the hidden magic that resides inside all women. It is a manual for doing life in a way that feels good, a way that honours their natural nature and a way that enables them to truly thrive. Women the world over are fighting against the tide, rather than riding our own waves. Women are powerful. We are here to change the world. But we are living in a society that is not set up for us to shine. This book sets the framework for a new way of living. It calls upon the reader to cultivate radical new levels of self-care, self-love, self-awareness and as a result, self-acceptance. Without beating around the bush, the author provides tangible tactics that empower the reader to uncover the intricate and sophisticated in-built guidance system that’s inside of her.

We do say the s word in this episode and talk briefly about sexy time!  So be mindful of that if you don’t want little ears listening.

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