Show Notes

Today I am joined by lean, mean pocket rocket Amy Whalan of Primal Punk Fitness. Amy and I connected through the Paleo in Perth Facebook Group (which is totally awesome, you got to check it out). Ames and I are big Mark Sisson devotees and love hanging out with Pete Evans when he hosts his amazing Paleo inspired meals at Heirloom in Perth.

Amy used the Paleo eating lifestyle against professional recommendation and the primal way of training to prepare for 2 body-building competitions, where she took home 7 placements. This experiment inspired Amy to show other woman that you can still honour your appetite while getting lean and strong. Calories, macros, numbers and scales are completely unnecessary, and in fact has seen the detriment of this mentally for so many.

Amy loved phys-ed, netball and athletics in school. At quite a young age of 17 Amy began to lift weights in the home gym her Dad would use and hasn’t stopped since. Amy gained a confidence with her strength gains that she says is indescribable until you feel it for yourself. Amy would love to see every female experience this confidence as it is life-changing in every aspect of life.

While working in the mines FIFO in her early 20’s, Amy would continue to research her passion of nutrition and exercise, trialling her new discoveries, ranging from vegan to high meat diets.

In 2010, Amy discovered paleo, where everything changed including energy levels, focus, endurance, strength and fat loss. 20 days in, Amy knew she wouldn’t turn back, she is living proof this way of life is sustainable and that feeling awesome everyday isn’t just for super-heroes.

Mark’s Daily Apple was the inspiration and in fact killed 2 birds with one stone to find information on chronic cardio and over-training. The criteria rang true as she was exhausted, inflamed and craved sugar all the time – despite being “off the chart” fit. Amy dialled her training down to more than half and the results were astounding. Amy became stronger, leaner, more energised and focused. On top of that her appetite stabilised and the cravings dissipated due to cutting out the toxic grains we have been told are so good for us.

Amy would like to help other woman and men prep for comp or to just embark on a health journey to become stronger through the effortless principals she has been sustaining over the past 7 years. Amy is passionate about teaching people health and fitness is something that you live and breathe because you want to not because you feel you need to. Ames has helped many clients, family and friends transform their lifestyle and mind set for life with these amazing principals. Check her face book page – Primal Punk Fitness.