Show Notes

In episode 111, I’m thrilled to introduce you to a remarkable teacher of mine, Ann Wilson, also known as The Wealth Chef. Ann has transformed my finances and the way I approach business and life through her course, Financial Freedom University.

Key Highlights:
– Discover why financial freedom is essential for a fulfilling and healthy life.
– Learn why working hard, at the expense of health and relationships, is not a sustainable strategy for financial freedom.
– Explore where to start with achieving financial freedom, including strategies for paying off debts and investing.
– Understand the concept of the Wealth Pie and how it can guide you on the path to financial freedom.
– Gain insights into the empowering concepts of ‘Being a Wealthy Spender’ and ‘Squeezing the Juice’ and how they contribute to financial freedom.
– Hear success stories of women who have achieved financial freedom using Ann’s principles.
– Understand the empowerment that comes from learning to create your own financial freedom, rather than relying solely on financial planners.

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This 5-day challenge is designed to help you define what ‘Wealthy’ truly means for you. Discover the precise amount of money required to live the life you desire,
identify your unique financial freedom number needed to attain this lifestyle, understand what you need to be investing in to create it,
learn the specific investment strategy to achieve your goals, recognise what your potential obstacles are, and master the methods to overcome them.
PLUS, gain the step-by-step approach to create and live your wealthy life forever.
Day 1 – Destination Day – If you don’t know where you’re headed – any path will do!
Day 2 – Freedom Day – Freedom is having choice, being able to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want.
Day 3 – Choice Day – Knowing what’s important and what to focus on for success is vital – Energy flows where focus goes.
Day 4 – Your Big Why Day – Freedom is a choice and understanding WHY we want freedom is pivotal for taking the necessary actions!

About Ann Wilson, The Wealth Chef:
– Ann Wilson is a best-selling author, wealth expert, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, and financial empowerment activist. Her mission is to help people master money and create freedom of choice in their lives. Ann’s first career was as a civil engineer before she transitioned to helping others break free from debt and financial anxiety. She is a bestselling author, TV star, and internationally renowned speaker, with a million-dollar online training business. Ann donates 100% of royalties from her book to The Small Enterprise Foundation and 10% of profits from her training programs to Caring4Girls.

Connect with Ann Wilson:
– Facebook: [The Wealth Chef](
– Instagram: [The Wealth Chef](
– YouTube: [The Wealth Chef](

– Thank you, Ann, for being such an inspiring teacher and for sharing your wisdom on financial freedom with us. Be sure to connect with Ann on her social media channels and explore her book, The Wealth Chef, for more life-changing insights.