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On the show today I am joined by super inspirational Neil McLagan.  Neil is a Type 1 Diabetic with other auto immune diseases and he is successfully managing his conditions, with a high fat, super low carb ketogenic diet.

To raise awareness of this alternative way of living, Neil is riding his bike from Perth to Sydney!

I met Neil at a Pete Evans dinner at Heirloom earlier this year where Pete surprised Neil by asking him to take the stage and tell us all about his “Crossing For a Cause” mission.

You can find out more about Neil and contribute to his cause here:

Neil is 35 years old and lives in Perth Western Australia with his family. He is a Customs Broker and an amateur fat adapted athlete. Neil also love cooking, gardening and good coffee. Neil is competitive in life and wont step away from a challenge. Neil is living with an auto immune disease and as a result, type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

Neil is an advocate for management of his type 1 diabetes (and overall better health) using a low carbohydrate, whole foods lifestyle. This has been a breakthrough for him and after conducting his own research into it’s efficacy, firmly believe that it’s the optimal choice for his health. Combined with regular exercise, these are the important cornerstones in his type 1 diabetes management.

Neil believes in living a life where his disease is not a barrier towards fulfilment and to practise the art of being grateful. He also believes in the value of true connection and networking. In creating his website, Neil hopes that he can help others in a way that his experiences have helped him.

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