Show Notes

From the time I had my first child in my early 20’s, Helen found she had been gaining weight little by little. Helen continuously tried to slim down by eating the diet most mainstream thinking considers ‘healthy’ – everything low fat and just lean meats with only occasional treats and also indulged in a glass of wine or three every night. She would yo-yo diet up and down and back up again before eventually ending up over 100kgs!

In 2015, Helen was lucky, her Doctor broke the established rules and gave me a ‘What To Eat’ food list that at the time she didn’t know was primarily Paleo.

From that time Helen has lost over 40kgs and began learning more about how our body works regarding hormones, health, nutrition and of course how to lose weight.

Helen went on to meet her current partner, who had already lost over 60kgs eating the same way, and he introduced her to Mark’s Daily Apple and together they learned even more about the primal lifestyle.

In May 2016, they started their own Primal Flavours business to sell homemade beef jerky and sugar-free healthy treats, and Helen began studying Primal Nutrition. Helen believes that if people had a better understanding how their bodies worked, they would find it easy to live healthy.
Helen offers plenty of actionable tips in this show so be sure to tune in!!