Show Notes

Jodie Gardner (BEnvSc) is an activist, a writer, a singer, a Kojonup farm girl, an Environmental Scientist, a Proud Paleo Parent, a Tantric Earth Goddess, a DōTERRA essential oil lover and recently, a Sherlock Holmes Mystery Solver. Battling obesity and an obsessive compulsive eating disorder since childhood, Jodie began “dieting” at aged 12 and tried around 30 different diets from Jenny Craig to Lite’n’Easy (for the third time) 25 years later.

Some diets (mostly protein based) worked in the short term, most didn’t and none were sustainable long term. She binge ate, suffered cravings constantly, was crippled with guilt about the food she put into her and her daughter’s body, ashamed because she was considered to be “smart” but couldn’t solve the biggest Sherlock Holmes Mystery of her own life and felt sick and anxious at social gatherings with her obsessive food thoughts.

In October 2015, Jodie discovered the pure botanical DōTERRA essential oils, fell in love with them and they began to work their magic on her emotional wellbeing and her wellness. She founded the Earth Goddess Collective with two business partners in 2015 to bring light to people’s lives and nurture journeys of healing and growth. The oils bought with them increased positivity and support and she was finally able to commit to adopting the Paleo lifestyle she’d been thinking about for several years, in May 2016.

Over the following 10 months to the present day, Jodie lost 26kg, dropping under 100kg for the first time since she was 21. This triggered a major emotional release and she shared her story online. The response was phenomenal.

Jodie would like nothing more than to support those who relate to her story on their own journeys. She runs a number of workshops that aim to educate, inspire and delight via the Earth Goddess Collective (Facebook page) She also hopes that traveling around Australia with her daughter and homeschooling her as well as showing her our gorgeous country will be on the cards in the future