Show Notes

In this episode Primal Blueprint Guru Erin Power joins me. As well as supporting Primal Health Coaches (like me) in her role working with Mark Sisson, Erin has her own coaching business called EAT SIMPLE.

Erin followed conventional wisdom eating low fat and teaching 16 classes a week and instead of having the body of a Goddess, she was gaining weight – rapidly and becoming pre-diabetic – how on earth did this happen when Erin was doing ‘everything right’?

That’s because everything we thought was right, turned out to be wrong. I love Erin’s clear message around taking the FUSS out of life. Erin is all about effortless health and liberation from fussiness. Bingo!

In this candid chat Erin shares with us why she ate half a chicken for breakfast at 4pm, how the stressful job she hated was seriously contributing to her health crisis (I know so many will relate) and how she lost weight lying on the couch doing nothing – oh yay you wanna hear it now!

As well as awesome health tips, Erin shares mindset nuggets and offers brilliant advice to anyone wanting to launch their own business serving the paleo/primal/ancestral market.

Oh, and check out my psychic skills predicting Erin’s future at the end of the interview.

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Find Erin on Facebook & Instagram as eatsimple.

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