Show Notes

Imagine cooking for a living!  That’s what Tenina Holder has been doing for over ten years – and she’s made a gangbusters success of it!  In this juicy episode on the Primal Alternative Podcast Tenina shares with us some practical tips around meal planning as well as her secret recipe for entrepreneurial success.  And *spoiler alert* her secret recipe for entrepreneurial success is to follow your heart, do what you love and be consistent.

During the show Tenina tells us about:

  • What it felt like when she realised she had to cook dinner EVERY NIGHT!
  • How to get kids to eat everything
  • Thermomix cooking and recipes
  • Why we don’t need to fear salt, butter or sugar and why Tenina thinks chocolate is a health food
  • Why it’s ok to feel overwhelmed but still go with your heart and do what makes you happy
  • Why enjoying the journey is seriously what matters
  • Tips for starting your very own online business
  • How to menu plan including Tenina’s incredible resource in Insiders
  • Upcoming book launch events for Tenina’s America

Tenina’s Links

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