Show Notes

Today on the show I chat with Kale Brock. Kale (at just 26!!) is a writer, speaker and producer and is launching his debut movie – THE GUT MOVIE. Kale travelled to Namibia in search of the perfect gut microbiota to live with the San tribe. He observed how the San ate, lived, slept, and connected and brought back some of their poo for analysis! Kale talks us through his experience and how things changed for him in such a short period of time.

Kale offers heaps of tips including where to get started with improving your gut health – without having to leave the country! Kale follows a whole food diet, shops locally, spends time in nature with an emphasis on getting good sleep and not being too busy.

I love Kale’s fresh, non-judgemental, non-preachy approach and I bet you will too. Kale is an advocate for becoming an expert in what works for you and listening to your ‘Inner Nutritionist’ – a phrase I love and am stealing!

You can catch The Gut Movie at the following locations: Melbourne, Albury, Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay & Avoca Beach. Get your ticket at

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