Show Notes

In today’s show, I chat with Primal Blueprint Guru Brad Kearns!  Brad is a speaker, author and coach in the health and fitness world.  In his 9-year career as a triathlete Brad was one of the world’s top-ranked professionals.  Brad and Mark Sisson have recently launched a book called The Keto Reset.  I have invited Brad onto the show to give us Keto 101 – he gives us that and so much more!  In this episode, we chat stress, sleep breakfast ideas, why the woulda shoulda coulda mindset is doomed to fail.  We talk about honouring health over burning the candle at both ends.  Brad explains what ketosis is, how to do it and why.  Find out Brad’s stance on coffee, chocolate and wine.  We discuss falling off the wagon and why cheat days make Brad’s blood boil!  Brad insists that going doing a ketogenic reset should be on everyone’s bucket list – is it on yours?

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