Show Notes

Jude Blereau is a Speaker, Cooking Teacher, and Author of five bestselling award-winning wholefood cook books.  I love Jude because she takes the ‘fanaticness’ and overwhelm out of choosing a real food life.  There is much joy and love and authenticity about Jude and her message.  In this interview Jude will share:

– grains 101 – why grains are not the enemy
– How to properly prepare porridge
– Food culture – and our disconnection from it
– Understanding the value of food
– What the best things we can do for our kids are
– How we are spiritual beings having a human experience
– Shop bought biscuits versus homemade biscuits
– How to let your children know they are loved and belong
– The ‘nirvana’ lunchbox!!!
– Why it takes ages to get the hang on it and why that is OK!
– Why you don’t need superfoods
– Sweetness is NOT a dirty word (phew!)
– The ramifications of the perfect storm we are in as a species
– Why lifestyle matters too
– Life does not have to be a struggle
– Why planning is essential
– How the female revolution has made us high achievers with feelings of worthlessness
– Why the denial of joy and deliciousness can be seriously dangerous to your health
– Why veganism is a no no but vegetarianism is ok – sometimes

Jude is coming to Albany WA on Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th October for a Wholefood Masterclass as part of the Food For Thought Festival and will be appearing in Geraldton WA in November.   You can find out more about Jude and sign up for her mailing list here

To get tickets to the Albany Masterclass go here:

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