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MUM 073: Inbal Sigler : The Power of The Mind over The Body in Birth

Episode 073
28, Apr, 2017
}44 Minutes

Show Notes

Inbal shares so much knowledge this episode and drops bombs of gold on us throughout. She brings so much to the Amsterdam Birth community with her impressive experience and credentials list. It was a pleasure to have her on the show sharing her thoughts on how the mind plays a huge role on how we birth.

Enjoy the Episode.

x Kaz

Inbal Sigler’s Bio:

Inbal Sigler is a certified Hypnobirthing trainer, Doula, Chinese Medicine practitioner and a Yoga & Pilates teacher. Specializing in Pre & Post natal guidance and care, she has been supporting parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family, providing them with the knowledge and practicality needed for a smooth pregnancy and a powerful, transformative, healthy and intimate birth. Inbal the creator of the Isis Hypnobirhting method, which combines multiple teachings and practices and the founder of Isis Hypnobirthing and Yoga – The pregnancy and birth care centre in Amsterdam.

Inbal’s Resources:
Book: Childbirth Without Fear, Dr. Grantly Dick-Read
Book : The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D

Inbal’s Contact Deets:
[email protected]

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