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MUM 044: Mihal Greener : Expat Families Returning Home

Episode 044
07, Oct, 2016
}41 Minutes

Show Notes

It was great to have Mihal share her story of relocating her family across the globe. Its not our typical birth or pregnancy topic but certainly one that relates to parenting and many of our international listeners. So many great tips and so much I could relate to.


X Kaz

Mihal Greener Bio

Mihal is an Australian writer whose work has been published in The Washington Post’s On Parenting, Salon, Daily Life and The Good Weekend. She recently returned home after seven years in the Netherlands. Mihal writes about topical issues and is especially interested in examining cross-cultural approaches to parenting.

Mihal’s Quote

kids are resilient

Mihal’s Resources

Book : Knocked up Abroad and Knocked up abroad again (I’m in the sequel which is coming out later in the year)

Facebook group: I Am a Triangle


Dutch Club Melbourne:

The Australian and New Zealand Club of the Netherlands:

Mihal’s Links/Deets

Twitter @mihalgreener

Her portfolio of work is at

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