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MUM 021: Tanya Strusberg : Lamaze. Not your Mum’s Huffing and Puffing class.

Episode 021
29, Apr, 2016
}48 Minutes

Show Notes


“Not your Mum’s Huffing and Puffing Class”

The highest energy guest to date on Mum’s The Word. And we both could have kept talking forever. What a delight Tanya Strusberg was to have on the podcast talking about Lamaze and so much more!

Tanya’s Bio

Tanya Strusberg is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and founder of BirthWell BirthRight an independent childbirth education practice based in Melbourne. In 2015, Tanya was inducted as an FACCE (Fellow of the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators) in recognition of her significant contribution to childbirth education. Through her internationally accredited Lamaze Educator Training program, she is very excited to be training a new generation of Australian Lamaze educators.

Last, but absolutely not least, she is also the mum of two beautiful children, her son Liev and daughter Amalia.


Tanya’s Tips / Links (for parents)

Evidence Based Birth

Childbirth Connnection

Sarah Buckley



Tanya’s Contact Details

Website : BirthWell BirthRight

Email : [email protected]

Facebook : birthwellbirthright

Instagram: birthwellbirthright

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