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HSW 73: Adopting a Better Sleep Mindset with Constable Tracey Rogers

Episode 73
24, Jan, 2019
}44 Minutes

Show Notes

Sleep.  It can be so elusive when we work shift work, but is it really possible to get better sleep whilst working 24/7?  According to First Class Constable Tracey Rogers it absolutely is, but it all comes back to adopting a ‘Better Sleep Mindset”, and being prepared to do whatever it takes to foster and encourage better sleep.

Tracey Rogers is a First Class Constable with the Tasmanian Police Force, who has worked a combination of shift work and day roles throughout her 15-year career in the Police Force.  Understandably, her job can be pretty stressful at times, so being able to unwind and get sufficient quality sleep has become a huge priority and focus for improving her health and well-being.

In this episode you’re going to learn:

  • why having an outside interest is absolutely vital in being able to ‘switch off’ from a stressful job and shift
  • what Tracey did to conquer her ‘hate relationship with sleep’
  • how she overcame self-sabotaging sleep behaviours, that were having a huge impact on her sleep
  • why in order to get better sleep, we must be willing to try new things
  • Tracey’s top 3 strategies to becoming a healthy shift worker

Links mentioned on the podcast:

To get in contact with Tracey – reach out to her through Facebook / Messenger at Tracey Lee

For more information on Audra’s Better Sleep Program, you can book a Free Better Sleep Strategy Session by Clicking Here

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