Andrea Huddleston

Dr Andrea Huddleston is an integrative chiropractor and holistic health expert with a special focus on women’s hormones and fertility. With extensive postgraduate studies in women’s health, natural fertility, nutritional medicine and wellness coaching and as the co-founder and co-host of The Wellness Women, Dr Andrea is passionate about spreading the message of optimal health and leading the community to make health choices based in wellness and vitality, rather than sickness and disease.

Affectionately referred to as ‘The Period Whisperer’ by her patients and a strong advocate of women’s health, Andrea educates and empowers women to make the best health and lifestyle choices, with easy to understand information, to take control of their hormones and boost their fertility, often when other methods have failed.

“My mission is to help women get back in touch with their bodies and help them to understand that the signs, symptoms and imbalances they’re experiencing are not normal or something that should just have to ‘put up with’. The best part of my day is helping them heal and balance their body and witnessing how their optimal health transforms their lives and allows them to live with passion and purpose.”

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Wellness Women Radio

For the women with big dreams, who dare to be different, and who want to thrive in health, work and play. Ashleigh Bond and Andrea Huddleston host this informative and entertaining podcast to help you master true health, and create an exceptional life.

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