Show Notes

Dr. John Demartini has been one of my great mentors in life. 

Having attended The Breakthrough Experience and Prophecy I alongside my wife, Sarah, Dr Demartini’s work has laid the foundation for much of what I talk about in living an exceptional life. 

Dr. Demartini overcame learning and speech problems that he had since childhood and recovered from a traumatic brain injury. His mentor, Paul Bragg, allowed him to see that he could change his story and become intelligent. He passed his GED and attempted to go back to school. He was driven by his vision of traveling the world as a teacher, philosopher, and healer, and he was willing to pay any price to get there. Determination can overcome any obstacles. 

In this interview, we discuss how you can reframe your perception of trauma in order to cultivate resilience and unlock your greatest gifts. This interview has the wisdom you need to hear in order to become the master of your destiny. 

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5:01 – How your values define you 
6:37 – From learning problems to master teacher 
17:21 – Finding blessings in your trauma and why that’s necessary 
19:20 – Trauma does not exist
31:51 – Becoming the master of your destiny 
35:32 – There is nothing you can’t handle 
40:51 – Stop wasting time feeling like a victim 
41:50 – My biggest marriage blunder
45:18 – Your perception isn’t always truth 
52:30 – Our Obsession With the Magic Bullet & Quick Fix

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