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100NO 483: Normie Rowe and Sam Gowing on Love, Positivity & Breaking Stereotypes

Episode 483
27, Jun, 2022
}33 Minutes

Show Notes

This could be the greatest love story we EVER tell on 100 Not Out.

Two of our 100 Not Out Alumni, Australia’s original King of Pop Normie Rowe … and the world’s number one Spa Chef Sammy Gowing, have been an item for many years …

And just a few weeks ago, at the ripe young age of 75 … Normie popped the question to his beloved Sammy … and she said YES!!!

We just had to get them on to enjoy in the festivities of such a heartwarming story … we reckon you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy and learn a thing or two about life, love and breaking stereotypes on this inspiring episode of 100 Not Out.

Our previous chats with Normie and Sam have also been pretty awesome! Look up episodes 86, 130, 263 and 268 of 100 Not Out or click on the links below.

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For more on Damo go to www.damiankristof.com and for Marcus go to www.marcuspearce.com.au

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