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UC 24: The Skinny on Fat: Oils ain’t oils and fats ain’t fats.

14, May, 2013
}69 Minutes

Show Notes

There has been a lot of misinformation on fat.  The belief that fat makes you fat is the biggest fallacy of all.  Kim, Carren and Cyndi discuss, everything to do with fat, going back in time as to when fat became a dirty word, learning about the research of Ancel Keys and why margarine was first made.  Why does the  heart foundation give it’s tick of approval to a totally manufactured food, with colours, preservatives and flavourings and why has butter been outed.  Should we heat oil, what is the best oil to heat, is coconut oil good and is saturated fat a good fat or a bad fat.  Are oils good for the skin and if so which ones?  Listen in as the three Up For A Chat girls talk all things FAT!

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