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PAP 7: Rebecca Gibson – Lupus, Paleo and Spiritual Transformation

Episode 7
11, Aug, 2017
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Show Notes

It starts with food, but once we start our paleo/primal journey the fog lifts, the inflammation calms and we suddenly are filled with a sense of what else is possible?  This is what happened to Rebecca Gibson as she embarked on a Paleo way to reclaim her health.  Rebecca is now a forward thinking spiritual strategist and psychic/medium, helping heart-centred soulpreneurs align their soul and path with their business. Her strategic approach and experience allows her to combine spiritual guidance with tangible methods for her clients to step into deep confidence and expand their energy and self-awareness. She works with people ready to serve humanity on a higher level by illuminating their path and psyche, bringing a deeper understanding of what is really possible in life and business. Rebecca can be found writing her books, loving her toddler and guiding people to step into their true inner potential.

You can connect with Rebecca on Facebook and Instagram as Spiritual Strategist.

At the beginning of this episode I tell you about my new 6-week programme called SET FOR LIFE.  I invite you to my webinar on Friday 18th August at 11am (AWST) where I will be looking at why we can fall off the wagon and sometimes don’t get the results we are seeking – and how to fix that.

Join me for the webinar by clicking on this link: or get info straight to messenger or check out

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