Steph Lowe

Steph is a leading Australian Sports Nutritionist specialising in gluten free and refined sugar free food, fuelling and real food education.

Steph created the RFR because she is passionate about the real food revolution and wants to simplify nutrition and educate you how easy, delicious and affordable it is to eat real food.

Outside of food, you will find Steph swimming, riding or running as she competes as an age-group long-course triathlete. She raced Challenge Melbourne in February 2015 and is now taking a break for a structured reset and strength phase. She’ll be back out there in short course later this year, before returning to racing half Ironman distance in late 2016.

Podcast Shows

The Real Food Reel

Steph Lowe is here to get real on the current research, debunk food myths, and educate you how to just eat real food (JERF). Steph covers real food, low carb high fat (LCHF), sports nutrition & performance, hormones, gut health, fat loss and more.

Recent Episodes

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The Real Food Reel
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The Real Food Reel
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