Show Notes

kim profile coverThe local magazine Profile on the Sunshine Coast comes out at the beginning of every month. There is always a cover girl. The cover girl on this particular month was our very own Up For A Chat co-host – Kim Morrison. This is no ordinary cover this is the cover of Kim at the age of 45 on the cover nude, tastefully hiding any sexual connotations and making it more about the marathon of life and bearing all about her life, trials, tribulations and triumphs. The scandal that emerged was something that we found meaning in and wanted to explore how we project our own fears, create our own perceptions and meanings and how we protect our own beliefs in order to be right about our model of our world and how we see things. Are our perceptions correct or our perceptions a result of our own beliefs, attitudes, identity and insecurities. In this podcast we explore these concepts and questions the validity of our opinion and judgement.