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TPS 76: Our Special Announcement With The Merrymaker Sisters

Episode 76
18, Jul, 2014
}35 Minutes

Show Notes

A few weeks ago we had some very exciting news confirmed and immediately put a gag order on Dr Brett who we all know struggles with keeping secrets at the best of times. So not only do we have a mega amazing awesome special announcement to reveal today but we also have two of our very favourite giggly guests back to share in the fun- and you’ll see how this all fits together really shortly.
Since we last spoke Carla and Emma have been flat out cranking it busy spreading their unique brand of merriment throughout the world. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t crack a smile or drool over their Instagram piccies and more recently they have launched a brand spanky new website full of great health tips and delicious fresh Paleo food but it doesn’t stop there, they’ve also been busy writing new e-books and inspiring us all with bucket loads of awesome blog posts and quirky entries on their social media feeds. They literally are a media sensation featuring in newspaper and magazine articles promoting the Paleo lifestyle in their own truly unique way. Well it’s ridiculously cold in Adelaide and I’m ready for some sunshine so welcome to the show Merrymaker Sisters Emma and Carla.
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