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TPS 74: Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking – Allergy Friendly, Wholefood Recipes to Delight and Inspire Food

04, Jul, 2014
}33 Minutes

Show Notes

We’re so to have this particular guest on the show this week, she is a permanent fixture on our personal Facebook and Instagram feeds and comes up with amazing and wonderful scrumptious ideas that keep cooking interesting, easy and fun and I’m not the only one who thinks so! Whenever “Quirky Cooking” comes up in conversations, usually the response goes something along the lines of, “oh is that the lady that cooks fancy Paleo Stuff in her Thermomix?” While the answer to this is of course yes, Jo Whitton is so much more than the lady that cooks stuff in her Thermomix. She is an inspiration to thousands of people on a daily basis and proof that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Through her blog and social media and more recently her very own cookbook, Jo shares her message that food intolerances and allergies don’t have to make life difficult. Hopefully after today’s show Brett, Steve and Sarah will all have mastered the art of using our newly acquired Thermomix’s to their full capacity BUT more importantly, even more people will know that ‘Quirky Cooking’ is not only the lady that cooks and creates great healthy recipes but also the lady responsible for opening people’s eyes to the possibility of wholesome food that tastes wonderful, is easy and fun to make, and meets the needs of those with diet challenges. So if you have a family of fussy eaters, know or cook for anyone with food allergies or are just after some good old healthy foodspiration and tips to make your life in the kitchen easier, get set as we welcome to the show Quirky Cookings Jo Whitton.

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