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TPS 3: What Is Paleo Fitness?

22, Feb, 2013
}32 Minutes

Show Notes

Paleo is a lifestyle right? So when we are talking about a lifestyle, part of that involves what you do with your life. One thing’s for sure; if you are alive, then you are moving… so if that is the case for you (and I really hope it is, or else we are going to see some super powerful Paleo zombie attacks in the not too distant future) then why not get that movement in line with a Paleolithic understanding of movement. In this episode we cover:
What is Paleo about exercise?
What exercises are Paleo?
What are the benefits of Paleo exercise?
How exercise impacts your Paleo compliance?
And more!

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Dr Brett Hill (Chiropractor) and George Bryant - Civilized Caveman have inspired people all over the world to make drastic changes for the better, in their life and their health. This show will help you get back to basics and redefine the way you eat, think and move in order to maximuse your innate potential.

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