Show Notes

Today’s guest wowed our audience last time we spoke telling us all about her families personal journey experiencing health changes they never thought were even possible including losing over a total of 200 pounds, that’s over 90kg for our Aussie listeners. We loved having her on the show so much that we’ve brought her back for another round of awesome. So whether you’ve been paleo for years and struggling with how to heal, or perhaps you want to know how to get the kids on board, or maybe you are ready to start from the beginning and change your lifestyle from a sedentary, bread, pizza, and junk food existence to a full paleo one, todays guest Stacy has done all of the hard work for us and can help you to transition your family in 3 easy steps. Here to guide us through the process, one step at a time and answer that illusive question, “how did you do it?” We would like to welcome back to the show one half of the Paleo Parents, blogger, pod caster, author, strong woman, athlete and all round super mum, the inspirational Stacy Toth.

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