Show Notes

We hope that you’re ready for a show of epic proportions today. I’m very excited because we get to highlight what I think is one of the most important facets of the Paleo lifestyle. I know that most of us are across the fact that Paleo is more than just nutrition it’s about thinking, moving and eating like we were designed too BUT for me the key to bringing this all together and being successful is tribe. While we are lucky enough to have access to almost endless resources we can never discount the value of being a part of a likeminded community. Soooo not content on doing things by halves we thought we’d like to have a crack at staging our very own Paleo Circus, roll up roll up because we are joined today by reps from 5 different Paleo groups right across Australia.

Links to the meet up groups

Brisbane Paleo Meet Up Group

Tasmania Meet Up

Sunshine Coast Meet Up

Central Queensland Meet Up

Perth Paleo Group

Sydney Paleo Meet Up


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