Show Notes

We love a good mission statement because we think that understanding the principles and the motivation
behind your actions is so powerful. Today’s guest is actively getting people excited about sustainable
living and when we think about the massive consumption and use of resources that goes in to modern
agriculture it makes sense that we should be taking a close look at not only what we are eating but
how it arrives onto our dinner plate. Pat works for Chapul which is a company with a simple goal – to
build a more sustainable future by introducing incredibly efficient insect protein in a delicious, organic
product..their tasty Chapul bars. They believe passionately in sustainable use of our precious water
resources and how’s this for a statistic, agriculture absorbs 92% of all freshwater consumed globally. At
Chapul they believe that change starts with what we eat, and it starts with all of us. Pat subscribes to the
view that our actions today can positively impact the lives of tomorrow and I for one certainly want to
find out more about the role that we can all play in this so lets get stuck in and welcome to the show Pat
Crowley from Chapul Cricket Bars.

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