Show Notes

Preparing for today’s show I found myself reflecting about pre-paleo Steve and Sarah compared to current Steve and Sarah. Anyone that knows us will tell you how much we love our food and how we delight in getting stuck into the latest flavour sensation and I know that Dr Brett is a big foodie also. I’d like to share a bit of a flash back which shows a pretty dramatic shift in our thinking and our idea of treating ourselves. A while ago a trip to the movies would’ve consisted of generally some kind of sugary, chocolatey treat which we probably would’ve demolished during the previews and then been left wanting more, however fast forward to now and a night at the movies consists of something more along the lines of a bag of organic coconut crunch which is this amazing air dried toasted flakes of coconut which keeps us going strong until the end credits as well as satisfying the urge for something juicy delicious and crunchy. So while some people might think we are a little bit wacky I actually delight in realising how far we’ve come.

Today’s guest therefore is very welcome because she plays a huge role in ensuring that our favourite Paleo movie snack as well as beautiful quality organic coconut oil which we would also be lost without, is available for us all to enjoy.

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