Show Notes

This week’s guest was originally on the show way back in episode 32. He is the Coaching Director and owner of FUNC fitness in Canberra and is passionate about enabling others to develop their awareness of Functional Fitness. He is all about movement first and exercise second. With a strong background in various disciplines including mixed martial arts and strength training, he certainly is qualified to talk to us about moving efficiently. Now most of you know Sarah likes to do some research before each show and she got very excited stalking Dave on the internet because firstly she came across some very impressive kick boxing footage which was then backed up with a video of a pretty solid Crossfit workout. Anyone that knows Sarah will tell you that martial arts and throwing weights around are a few of her favourite things. So regardless of the kind of movement you enjoy today‚Äôs show is sure to be a corker full of great tips and content to help you make the most of your daily exercise.

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