Show Notes

Recently we had Jo Whitton from Quirky cooking join us and she spoke all about how she uses her thermomix to make healthy Paleo Cooking really simple. You guys went absolutely nuts for it-so because we got such a huge response and because we love it when you’re happy aaaaand also a little bit because Dr Brett is still mastering the art of using his, we thought we’d bring another Paleo Thermomix Genius into….. wait for it- the mix- see what I did there?!  Today’s guest is a Nurse, A Thermomix consultant and fitness fanatic who follows a Paleo style diet with lots of raw foods! Like all of us she loves food and loves learning new ways to prepare it. We are pumped and hoping that if we ask her very nicely that Emily will share her top tips and tricks for making Paleo Food prep easier. Not only does she know her way around the kitchen but she’s also picked up plenty of knowledge about what people like to eat. When she’s not busy sharing recipes, ideas, lifestyle hints and food recommendations, she can be found working at Paleo Café on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne. It is our pleasure to extend a big warm welcome to Emily Coupar from Paleo Thermie.

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