Show Notes

This weeks guest has an amazing and diverse career. He is scientist with a PhD in physics, as well as being an Astrophysicist, turned Internet entrepreneur and executive, turned strategy consultant and economist. His wife is a molecular biologist and cancer researcher, can you imagine the dinner conversations? 
More recently they have been investigating the influence of diet upon health. After adopting a low-carb diet in 2005, they immediately noticed their energy, vitality, and sense of well-being improve significantly. Since then they have spent a number of years refining their nutrition, and have successfully healed their own “middle-age” and chronic health problems through diet. Naturally throughout this process they have learned a great deal about the benefits – and pitfalls – of these diets and have documented this wisdom in their book “Perfect Health Diet” This book is an amazing read and really helps to connect the void between the broad based intuitive primal approach to health and the scientific facts.
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