Show Notes

We’re doing something a bit different on this weeks show- pretty much because we can but more so
because we think you, our beautiful listeners, will find it really handy, so get your pen and paper ready.
Today’s guest is fun, quirky and knowledgeable and in 2011, he decided it was time to spread the word
that healthy living is incredibly easy, and absolutely enjoyable; Nice Life, and making health fun, was
born. He is a wellness researcher and journalist and has worked in the health and wellness industry for
nearly 10 years. Working with some of the best Naturopaths in Australia and other health personalities
like David Wolfe, Kale has developed a well-rounded and practical healing approach which has seen
hundreds of people achieve abundant health! He has recently released an e-book called
Fermented Foods; The Art of Pro-Biotic Nutrition and this is what we are hoping to capitalise on today.