Show Notes

This week we finally get to interview one of the most highly anticipated guests we’ve ever had on the show.
Our amazing audience generated a huge buzz when we posted to social media asking what they wanted
to find out about when they heard who we were interviewing and I will admit that Brett, Steve and I
might have all been a little bit excited in the lead up to today’s episode as well!
Today’s guest is an inspiration, motivator and an agent for positive change in food education. He
has exploded onto the Paleo scene with a sincere passion and integrity for what he does. He has just
released his eighth cookbook “Healthy Every Day” and is one of Australia’s most loved and popular
chefs, he also boasts health coach, media personality and author in his list of credentials and we could
probably write a ninth publication for him based on his achievements alone.
We are so excited and proud that one of Australia’s own is helping us to reshape the way we think about
food and are thrilled about the great work and publicity he is generating for the Paleo way of living.
Welcome to the show Pete Evans!