Show Notes

The weeks guest discovered and adopted a new dietary lifestyle modelled after the Paleo diet back in 2010.
His motivation for doing this stemmed from a number of factors but was largely due to his desire to get 
back to his primal roots and become “less domestic”.
We know how easy it is to get overwhelmed in the kitchen- not all of us are natural Master Chefs able 
to whip up a gourmet and paleo friendly feast in a jiffy. What’s really cool about Russ is that on his 
new found path towards a better way of eating, he discovered a solid theme and that was the tons of 
delicious, healthy dishes out there, nestled in the pages of history. He discovered that he didn’t need to 
invent new meals to stay compliant with his diet, but instead could just look back into our past to find 
dishes that are naturally tasty and nutritious, because they were developed in a time before processed 
foods. The great news is if he can do it we can do it!