Show Notes

This weeks guest is a modern day hunter gatherer who runs an evolving website, blog and business born out of her love and passion for health, sustainability, supporting Tasmanian local farmer’s and producers and spreading the word on holistic nutrition. 
Originally working in the field of pharmacy, she is now a successful educator, blogger, wellness event creator, food coach and Personal Trainer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We know our listeners at home love to get inspired from the experience and lessons learned by others which is why we are so excited to hear all about Jo’s transition into Primal Living.
Jo is extremely passionate about the health and well being of others and understands the obstacles we face when trying to learn the ins and outs around eating quality nutrient dense food in a modern society. It’s time for us to batten down the hatches and listen up because we are about to get some seriously great tips and verbal how too’s for the best ways to go about eating seasonal, local and homegrown. Jo has created Primal Living to share with you information on real local food, and her insights on how eating clean real food can be easy, once you have the tools.

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