Show Notes

This weeks guest has so much awesome on offer that I don’t want to waste a second of our time with her. To all of our listeners, I know that sometimes getting your head around all of the ins and outs of autoimmune disease can be harder than trying to rummage your way through a Target clearance rack to find a bargain, but today we have got you covered. 
Our guest is well and truly qualified to walk us through all of the nitty gritty we can throw at her. Sarah Ballantyne has so many tools in her kit but formally she is a Scientist turned stay-at-home mum, she writes the award winning blog “The Paleo Mom”, is a co-host on The Paleo View podcast and is author of some of the best Paleo Resources available including what we think is the Ulitmate Guide for anyone living with an autoimmune disease. Like many of our guests she is passionate about the impact of nutrition & lifestyle on health, cooking & raising her family. We think she is an all round superstar and we are not alone in this sentiment. Robb Wolf describes her latest book “The Paleo Approach” as a game-changer. 
We love Sarah because she embodies our goal of making Paleo something that everyone can understand in a way that allows us to improve our own lives and the lives of our loved ones. As comprehensive and wonderfully detailed as her book is, Sarah ensures that we don’t suffer from information overload and in what I’m sure was actually a truck load of work she manages to explain complex scientific concepts in a way that seems effortless, she makes everything super easy to understand without watering it down. I promise you will actually feel like a bit of a smart cookie when you read her work because she just makes sure you get it! Get ready and get excited to be blasted with all the awesome you can handle as we welcome to the show The Paleo Mom- Sarah Ballantyne.
GO AND GET A COPY OF SARAH BALLANTYNES BRILLIANT BOOKS – “The Paleo Approach” and “The Paleo Approach Cook Book” right now. They are a comprehensive and scientifically backed guide to manage your auto-immunity and so so so much more. Both available at
You can also find Sarah on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Search for The Paleo Mom and keep your eyes peeled because we will post this on our facebook page for you all to access too.