Show Notes

I love today’s guest because she is all about the food. I know that in my quest for health I have done just 
about every ridiculous dietary fad out there- lemon detoxes, calorie restriction, shakes, slimming bars, 
lotions, potions, pills, the works. The thing about Paleo for me, and I know I’m not alone in this, is that it 
allowed me to give myself permission to break up with my disastrous relationship with food and to start 
enjoying it- literally just eat real food and reap the benefits!
I know that stacks of our listeners out there can relate to what I went through. One minute we’re told 
to eat foods low in fat, the next minute salt will kill us and then they make out butter to be the bad guy. 
One of my true joys has always been eggs so much so that Steve and I joke about creating a cook book 
dedicated solely to singing the praises of eggs. You can imagine my devastation when I’m told in order 
to achieve the physique I was aiming for I had to cut out the egg yolks. I’m actually cringing in my chair 
thinking about the cartons of egg whites I purchased and willingly consumed thinking that I was doing 
the best thing for myself.
Thank God someone is doing something to stop the madness- today’s guest in her latest book “Eat the 
Yolks” blows this myth out of the water! The amazing and funny Liz Wolfe is a writer and a Nutritional 
Therapy Practitioner. Liz definitely walks the talk and is an avid hobby farmer with pasture-raised goats, 
pigs and chickens and an organic garden. I had a bit of a giggle when I found out like me Liz has a bit of a 
black thumb- there’s hope for me yet!
Her passion for real food stems from her very own powerful transformation and through her experience 
in discovering the power of real food Liz got healthier, cleared acne, resolved skin issues, slept better, 
and felt better than ever before. Through her books, website and Cave Girl Eats social media she 
inspires millions of us daily and shows us that by ditching the diet dogma and filling our lives with real, 
nourishing food we can achieve the same amazing benefits that she has.
In her quest to get to the bottom of modern food mythology Liz uncovered all kinds of crazy lies and 
beliefs that we have been fed. Eat the Yolks is her story and how to guide for discovering Paleo, how to 
fight these food lies and how to reclaim your health.