Show Notes

This week I have been doing some reflection and I have really been pondering what makes a successful 
plan to achieve optimal health. A few points really jumped out at me. Firstly there is no singular one size
fits all solution. While there may be some basic principles that we can all draw from it’s becoming more
and more increasingly obvious that we need to take individual differences like genetics and lifestyle for
example into consideration. It gives us goose bumps here at That Paleo Show that it is finally becoming
acceptable to look at our uniqueness and through a process of trial and error, honest judgment free
discussion and common sense explore various approaches that might best suit us as an individual. So
while a less prescribed pathway to health is slowly but surely becoming more talked about and viable, 
what about the people that don’t know what they are dealing with? Where do they start and what do 
they do to overcome their feelings of hopelessness and frustration?
The great news is that today’s guest has experienced exactly this. She was someone who had always 
been relatively healthy- maybe carried a few extra kilos but operated pretty well most of the time. It’s 
amazing how quickly a health crisis can put things into perspective and that’s exactly what we are going 
to talk about today.