Show Notes

This week we are joined by a former Adelaide boy who used to be the General Manager of hotels like The Lakes Resort, the Paradise Hotel and Earl of Leicester, and fellow endurance athlete and former Filipino rock star front man Reujen Lista. Chad now lives in the Philippines with his family who have all adopted a Primed Lifestyle that is very much in sync with Paleo and encompasses a holistic approach to love, laughter, play, sun, sleep, exercise, food and beverages. Chad is a wellness coach and also trains ironman triathletes and ultra-marathon runners. Chad and his family aim to be running marathons at 100 not out and are passionately trying to help people, “Make the rest of their lives the best of their lives”! The Primed focus is one of long term health, a permanent change. Here to tell us more from Primed For Your Life is Chad Davis and Reujen Lista.

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