Show Notes

“Pinkfarm” has been created by 2 friends on a real food journey; learning, sharing, creating, inspiring and challenging politically correct nutrition. A country girl living on a farm on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands with a bustling house of 5 children and a city girl living in a metro Sydney townhouse with 1 child.
They focus on incorporating traditional foods, cultured foods and healthy fats into their daily lives and inspire each other to walk the talk. They prioritise eating breakfast like a King and eliminating processed foods from their lives. They, along with their families have achieved better living without refined sugar on a daily basis.
They have helped many people overcome the dilemma of trying to work out where they can purchase their starter culture from by creating one of the first national databases of people who are happy to share their kefir grains or kombucha SCOBY with you, which you can find on their website.

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