Show Notes

Transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle can be pretty overwhelming. Once you wrap your head around what exactly you should be eating the next step is to work out where the heck you can buy it. Today’s guest has come up with a genius solution to solve this problem. He created an amazing app called Paleo Paddock, created to enable people who are following the Paleo lifestyle to easily locate outlets that are Paleo friendly. As it is location based it will find locally listed butchers, restaurants, health supply shops and anything connected to Paleo. Founded in 2014 by Rob Hanning, Paleo Paddock was created to bring local merchants back onto the shopping lists and give people striving for better health more options to find their produce and resources. Talk about making the Paleo lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone!

Links to the good stuff:

Download the app for iPhone here (Android coming soon)