Show Notes

Join us this week as we delve into the box of tips, tricks and ideas to get the most out of your Easter break with family and friends. We discuss the importance of showing yourself some love when it comes to your food choices this easter. We share a swag of healthy ideas for basket stuffers and talk about our favourite non food related ways to enjoy each others company and make the most of our time together with family and friends. Dr Brett shares his Paleo Hot Cross Buns recipe courtesy of The Merrymaker Sisters and he also tells us the story behind him finding the perfect homemade chocolate recipe. Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook and tell us how you pronounce ‘carob’ to help set the record straight.

Links to the good stuff:

Paleo Hot Cross Bun recipe courtesy of The Merrymaker Sisters

Make your own raw chocolate courtesy of Quirky Cooking

Gut healing gummy snacks